You are planning your grand opening and you imagine a packed room with family, friends, business associates, and employees all huddled together interacting. What is stopping this reality from happening? Your story has not been written or shared with the world yet. Like a good book, a grand opening has a story.

What do I mean? Every book as a beginning, middle, and end. A skillful author carefully sets up the story to create interest for the reader. We will be doing the same thing for your soft grand opening.

The article will show you the logic behind a soft grand opening

The Soft Grand Opening Story Board

Your story begins with a strategically written press release. You researched your target markets and sent off your announcements looking to capture their attention. In a book, an author refers to this as the “Character Development”. Once the story develops, the reader will make an immediate decision very early in their reading to either continue reading or put the book down and let it collect dust on the shelf.

Imagine you are the writer telling a story within a press release about your character, ie. your business. The purpose of the press release is to create interest for people to keep learning about your business.

The plotline that comes later in the book, ie. soft grand opening, as the story unfolds so will your business objectives, the look and feel, and your overall goals.

The storybook ending is the grand opening. Year’s of planning, manhours, and money ends your epic journey from idea to reality–an event for the world and all to admire.

The Look And Feel Of A Soft Grand Opening

The soft grand opening happens when you are ready to open your doors to the public. I know what your thinking, that’s the grand opening. No, this is a common mistake made by many new business owners.

A grand opening happens four to six week after the business has opened.

Think about all the infinite details needed to have in place at a successful grand opening:

  • Signs
  • Merchandise
  • Equipment
  • Staffing
  • Training

Imagine the impression can you make on customers by having an additional six weeks to work out all the kinks? Fundamentally, it is you who decides when the grand opening will happen.

Feed the Coursotiy

Have you ever been curious about what is happening behind the wooden fence?

Construction companies strategically place holes in a fence to allow the public to peek in and see what is happening. Why? Human nature loves to watch things grow and develop. When we watch our kids, plants, and relationship grow over time we feel a stronger connection to these things.

The soft grand opening gives people a peek into your business, allowing them to see your dreams unfold before their eyes.

The Soft Grand Opening Invitation List

Think of all the people you told your dream too? Family, friends, colleagues, vendors, suppliers, local business and the press are all reading your story. These are the people you target for your soft grand opening.

The soft grand opening allows you the opportunity to tell your story of:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What separates you from your competitors?
  • What the future holds for your business?

A smart owner knows their passion, drive, and personal success story can overcome any missing equipment, unfinished room or an empty shelf.

These personal insights and visions you share with your guests about your business dream will help you develop a stronger relationship with these individuals and businesses.

A grand opening is an idea transformed into a reality leading to a close. A soft grand opening is where people become mentally invested in your business dream and what to help make it grow.

Soft Grand Opening Takaway

  • The soft grand opening focuses on people who have a vested interest in your business.
  • The business is not “perfect” yet – but will be shortly.
  • Allows you to personally share your business vision story.
  • Human nature likes watching things develop…kids, plants, building, and dreams.
  • The soft grand opening allows people to share your experience.