Free PR is better than no PR. Yet, I am amazed at the number of companies I call upon to let them know how they can promote their Grand Openings for free. However, they will tell me, “The PR department has everything under control, and they have ‘their outlets’ of communication established.”

Two decades ago, these companies said, “A website is unnecessary, and social media will never help our business.”  The culture of business has not changed when it comes to expanding ideas.

PR departments are not SEO specialists; their social media marketing is limited, and often, they are stuck in the past when it comes to expanding ideas on how to market an event outside the standard TV, radio, and print media.

My advice to all is to never leave a stone unturned when advertising a Grand Opening. Look for and accept all opportunities that arise. If one person sees your announcement and it costs you nothing, you are a winner. Realize that your boss or client is paying you to use all the tools at your disposal to make their Grand Opening a success, so take advantage of them!

If your company has a Grand Opening, market your event to as many people as possible.  Do not rely on “established communication outlets”; do what is expected of you and seek out all opportunities to promote your Grand Opening.  The success of your Grand Opening lies in your ability to get the PR information out there, using all the outlets available at your disposal to help ensure a successful Grand Opening.