floating_balloon_columnsI am over here balloon display, is an oversized balloon décor that draws the attention of people from far away, beyond the parking lot (maybe even the freeway or main road). A visual marker, that lets people know that something special is happening in this area.  This design does have a minor flaw that the higher you go, the smaller things appear, but it can be overcome by using grouping and not just a single floating column.   In this case, more is better. Sure, one balloon strand will show people where you are, but five of them will increase their curiosity. Ask yourself; is the purpose of the balloon décor for decoration, giving directions, or gathering new crowds of people, not yet aware of the grand opening?

If you are only trying to mark the entrance for people invited to the grand opening, a single floating column or a streamer will be enough. If, on the other hand, you want to draw a crowd from all over, then multiple pieces are better. The top three sellers for attraction décor are floating columns, floating mini columns, and streamers. The difference between them is the look, girth, and the design.

The second type of décor is for the entrance of the grand opening. This décor is to build interest and let people already in the parking lot, or general vicinity, know that something special is happening. The décor can be as simple as a couple of columns, or an arch, or as elaborate as a faux entrance façade that creates a scene and entices people to use it as a photo backdrop. The main difference is that while the simple décor marks the spot, the more elaborate style becomes an attraction and a branding item. Incorporate the store logo into the design; this way it will advertise your company in any pictures taken. I have seen events where people are so excited about the entrance décor that they call friends to come and see the display. While there are as many different design options as there are types of stores, I want to address the popular grand opening balloon decor.

Eye Catching Door Entrance

  1. Grand Opening Balloon Decor OptionsThe spiral arch creates a visual energy that while very effective in many cases, is overused by default. I personally prefer the look of two columns with a string of pearls arch, or even double pearls.
  2. Columns come in many different styles, from your standard spiral to people sculptures. If you are going to use a standard spiral column, make the most of the visual energy they produce by building them so that they spiral into each other. This way the eye is led right into the store. There are other types of columns as well, some of them are better than others if you want to use it as a branding item. A linear column, which has more of a “Flat” look, is based on grid system, offers an excellent surface to superimpose signs or logos. Sculpture style columns, like clowns or carrots, are a fun way to give a clue as to what is inside the store. Both of these make for excellent photo backdrops as well. For evening events add lights inside the balloons and turn them into lamps, creating a warm ambiance. Special effects are attention getting, beautiful, and conversational.
  3. Linear Arch- like the linear columns, an arch based on a grid system is perfect for inserting logos or signage. In addition, it has a unique look and draws curious bystanders from the surrounding area.
  4. Topiary sculpture tunnel entrance is by far the most elaborate. By using a topiary sculpture design system, you can customize the shape to be a logo, mascot or conceptual design—even larger than life figures can be constructed. This is by far the most expensive option, but depending on your event and target demographic, may give the best ROI. This is a giant walk-through piece of balloon art. It is not just an entrance; it is an experience to experience both visually and esthetically.

Interior Balloon Décor

Here is a perfect place for a spiral arches. The spiral arch leads the eye up one side, and down the other. It intensifies customer traffic down these aisles and increases interest in the area. Other types of décor designed to direct the eye to products of interest range from the simple, but effective, bouquet of balloons, to the more elaborate hanging sculptures. To retain as much real estate as possible for products and customers, make good use of your vertical space. Decorate the air and the whole room will come alive. Bouquets or small sculptures on end caps make for great attention getting décor, thereby increasing impulse buys. Professional balloon decorators use Hi-Float to increase balloon float time making the grand opening décor excitement last for an entire week!

Want to see more examples of Grand Opening Décor, click here to go to Balloon Utopia’s website to see some examples of grand openings in San Diego.

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