Many franchises will leave the grand opening up to the franchisee to develop a grand opening extravaganza. Typically, marketing support falls short by the franchise; their concern is the store opens on time and follows franchise protocol.

Successful franchises have or hire a creative marketing team to develop the grand opening marketing. The franchise helps the franchisee with advertising, securing vendor promotions, and provides marketing support through its other franchise locations.

The ability of the franchise to support its franchise is critical for both parties success. Too often franchiser is more interested in expansion and overlooks the simple support that they can provide to a new franchisee.  New franchisees should request:

  • Advertising support for the grand opening
  • Announcements in all franchise locations
  • Support in securing vendor participation
  • Press release announcing new location
  • Web support highlighting grand opening location
  • Support in TV, radio, print and Internet advertising
  • Support team to help run and develop a successful grand opening

The franchise needs to show from the beginning, that they are committed to the new franchisee and are willing to work together to develop a strong grand opening celebration.

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