You have just completed a successful grand opening and local government officials, vendors, and news media have all attended. It’s now time for the follow up marketing by sending out thank you cards for attending the grand opening.  The purpose of the thank you card is to one, thanking the individual for participated and two, keeping your name in front of the individual. The people who attended the grand opening are still potential customers and their word of mouth can mean an increase in revenue.  So take the time out to thank them for attending.

Ideas for a thank you card

  • Send out thank you cards two to three weeks after the grand opening.
  • Save postage cost by using postcard design. Cheaper than going first class mail, but limits your marketing capabilities.
  • Include business cards in the thank you envelope.
  • If the grand opening had a theme, select a card that continues the theme.
  • Design your own card using MS-Word Template. Download a template and add our own text.
  • Thank them with laughter. A funny thank you card can circulate between co-works and family giving you extra exposure.
  • Include company contact information and website in the footer of the card just in case people don’t know of your location.
  • A good resource of thank you content is This site is committed to saying “thank you” for all types of occasion.

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