Going beyond the typical nuggets and fries

Going out to eat should be enjoyable, but also healthy for the entire family. Many restaurants are now catering to children and kid’s meals are becoming the competitive difference between success and failure.  In the past, kid’s meals were boring in design, presentation, and had few options; but today’s meals not only taste better, but are healthier. Restaurant owners need to address their kid’s meal design and presentation.  Parents are seeking out restaurants that are proving kid friendly service and healthy kid’s meals. So it is important that a restaurant highlight the benefits of the kid’s meal at the grand opening.  Educate parents that your kid’s meals are better for their kids than chain fast food restaurants.

Here are some 7 tips on showcasing and presenting a kids meal at a restaurant grand opening.

  • Display juice options on counter – Show off kid’s drink options just like bars show off popular liquors. If seen, parents will buy it.
  • Quality sandwiches – Kid’s eat more than PJ, hot dogs and burgers. Create real meals in bite size bits.
  • Include soup and salads with kid’s meals – Kid’s like to eat what their parent eats. Provide them with a full course meal.
  • Provide kids utensils – Many kid’s like to eat with silverware, provide small forks and spoons. Customize the utensils, so if they vanish from the table they’ll have your advertising information on it.
  • Food presentation for kid’s – Design the meal so it is ready for kid’s to eat. Cut sandwiches into quarters, provide drinking in spill proof glasses and provide kid’s appetizer for kid’s waiting.
  • Kid’s free appetizers – Waiting in a restaurant can be excruciating for a small child and need an appetizer to settle them down. Offer complementary Cheerio’s as a treat while parents and family wait for the meal.
  • Kid’s appetizer platter – This platter would contain oranges and apple slices, crackers, cheese, Goldfish crackers and Cheerio’s. Everything is health and finger friendly giving parents an alternative meal for picky eaters.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale has been a professional balloon entertainer who works with restaurants in developing kid’s nights along with increase family participating at a restaurant.

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