GO-10 Day 2

The Purpose That Draws Attention


Everything we do in life has a purpose and so should your Grand Opening.  I have met more business people who think that for a Grand Opening they just need to toss food on a table, put up a couple of banners, and invite family and friends over to see the new facility.

Treat your Grand Opening like major companies treat a new product launch.  They plan every detail to ensure that the money they spend gets results.  The product launch becomes so successful that it makes the TV news, articles in newspapers, and, if big enough, TMZ will cover the celebrities attending the event.

Generating publicity only happens if an event is newsworthy, shocking, or very interesting to the masses.  Many business owners cannot finance a large publicity company to handle the PR marketing, so it is up to you as the business owner to seek out creative ways to give your Grand Opening a purpose and make it newsworthy.

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