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Day 1, Planning the Grand Opening


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Budget it

It can often be a good idea to put together a special budget just for your Grand Opening. After all, this is more than just a store opening – it has huge marketing potential as well. Make sure to include the costs of prizes, extra staff, food, and any other non-regular expense.

You can better manage your budget by seeking vendors’ assistance. I know of one restaurant owner who asked a bread vendor for assistance and the company sent over cases of bread rolls, so many that when a customer ordered a sandwich that had that bread as a component, the owner was able to give the customer 12 complimentary rolls. Patron’s were bewildered, the owner was happy it did not cost him anything, and the bread company wrote it off as a marketing expense. A big win-win for all and it did not affect the Grand Opening budget.

Prizes can come from local businesses or vendors. Large vendors spend thousands of dollars on promotional material. They give these materials away at trade shows and marketing programs; many times, they have boxes of leftovers just sitting in storage. Ask if they are willing to contribute a portion of it to the Grand Opening. Better that costs come out of their advertising budget then your Grand Opening budget.

Contract a local caterer for a monthly employee lunch special. Now, this may sound strange, but why not treat your staff to a good lunch once a month. Fortune 500 companies have learned that spending a little money on food goes a long way with employees, and if you can get a discount on it, it’s even better.

Having a vendor supply food helps on those long days when the staff is getting the store ready for the Grand Opening as well as on the day of the Grand Opening, By having a monthly contract with the food vendor, you can carry that cost savings over to your Grand Opening budget.

Working within a budget allows you to better plan, tweak, and/or compromise on the things that you need to spend money on and the things which you can barter, beg, or swap for through products or promotional negotiations.

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  • Lesson 1.  Planning The Grand Opening  – You just watched it!
  • Lesson 2. The Purpose, understanding the reason and mechanics of the Grand Opening.
  • Lesson 3.  Grand Opening Marketing – Tips and trick to communicating key information
  • Lesson 4.  The Invitations – Know who and how to invite key players in our Grand Opening Celebration.
  • Lesson 5.  Grand Opening Crowd – Learn the Secret to drawing large crowds and participants to a Grand Opening.
  • Lesson 6.  Delegating – Allowing others to promote, write, produce and distribute your Grand Opening message to the public and industry your business serves.
  • Lesson 7.   Automation Tools – Tools to help make the planning, marketing, and Grand Opening easier to produce.

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